History of Indoor Cycling Club Pankrac


110 years of cycling in Pankrac

In 2009 The Cycling Club Pankrac celebrates 110 years its existence. Nowadays cyclists are continuators of traditions of cycling club I.KCV Nusle which was founded in 1899.  It is interesting, that cyclist have never stopped their activity . At first club used only racing cycling and cycling tourism. In 20th started however with artistic cycling, polo and cycle-ball. The club was in these days which has every of all disciplines of cycling. Pankracs cycling club was one of biggest cycling club in Czech republic during this period. It has in Pankrac (name of a quarter of Prague) own summer sport-ground and hall for indoor-cycling sports. I.KCV organized 272km Czech classic cycling race Prague-Benesov-Prague.

The club has excellent racers. On the road cycling was on the top B.Kubrycht, A. Kristufek and A. Rames who raced on Olympic games. As cyclist started here his carrier world record holder in race walking. During second world war were good at track Sedlacek, Danes, Cihlar and Fafek. And club members were in these days motorcycle racers Rosak and Lucak.

During occupation were beginning main sport in club artistic cycling and bicycle-ball. After 1945 the club organise many international bicycle-ball competitions which were done in  important places in Prague. The final of this period was partnership by holding of World Championship in 1948. Club members Sedlacek and Danes won in bicycle-ball.

In 50th ´the club had to change its name many times - Sokol Pankrac c.o., Alba Pankrac, Spartak Stalingrad Pankrac, TJ Dynamo Pankrac. During these years Jan Kristufek won 4  times bronze medal in World Championship, pair women Sladovnikova - Ruzickova won 8 times bronze medal in Europe Championship. These sportsman/sportswomen become many times Czech Championship winners. The names of the club best in this period are: Hattova with Novaka, Houfkova, Fafkov a with Rejdova, Maly, Sluka, Stech, Simanek, Pech, Andel a brothers Wellemin. In year 1969 was  sports hall demolished by reason of building the subway. For long 14 years trained racers in different sport halls in different places. Despite of it the racers kept their power. Fafek, Linc, Barton, Kamenik were part of top players during empire of brothers Pospisil in bicycle-ball. In 1983 was finished our sport-hall, the club survived difficult period.

In new hall grew up in artistic cycling Jan Rasa (9 times member of World Championship), Stverakova, Kripnerova and in bycycle-ball Hradecky, Kripners, Findejs, Barton, Jencik, Hancl.


Results of Pankrac club members by World Championships

Sedlacek Frantisek - Danes Bohumil – bicycle-ball - the 1st in 1948; the 2nd in 1947; the 3rd in 1949

Sedlacek Frantisek - J.Novak (OP Prostejov)  – bicycle-ball - the 2nd in 1955; the 3rd in 1953 and 1954                 

Kristufek Jan - artistic cycling (single) - the 3rd in 1955,1962,1964,1971 (plus 4 times the 4th); together member of 16 World Championships

Rasa Jan - artistic cycling (single) - the 6th twice; together member of 9 World Championships and member of junior EC

Wellemin Petr and Pavel - artistic cycling  (pairs) - the 7th

Stech Karel - artistic cycling (single) -  the 7th twice; together member of 3 World Championships


Results of Pankrac club members by Europa Championships

Ruzickova - Sladovnikova- artistic cycling (pairs) - 3rd in from 1971 to 1978; (plus twice 4th); together member of 10 Europa Championships


Czech title holder



Sedlacek-Danes - 7 times (during 1941-1954)

Danes-Bima (Bohemians) - 1955, 1957

Cap-Salaquarda - 1937, 1939

Fafek - Brabec - 1964, 1965 in junior category

Barton - Hancl - 1993 in pupils


artistic cycling single men

Kristufek Jan - 13 times during 1957 - 1974; as junior in 1955

Rasa Jan - 4 times during 1989 - 1994

Wellemin Petr -  1977

Stech Karel -  1956, 1957, 1958 in junior category

Sluka Vaclav - 1959 in junior category
Pech Milos -  1975, 1976
in junior category


artistic cycling single women

Vlasakova Dana - 1952

artistic cycling pairs women

Ruzickova - Sladovnikova - 9 times during 1971 - 1979

Hattova - Novakova - 1940

Vlasakova - Kudrnova - 1951

Fafkova - Fajglova - 1953
Fafkova - Rejdova
- 1954

Jarosova - Zacharova - 1956 in junior category
Malkova - Jarosova
- 1959 i
n junior category

artistic cycling pairs men

Pilar - Vetrovsky - 1947

Kristufek - Stech - 1955 in junior category

Sluka - Simanek - 1957 in junior category



Members of Pankrac Club have won many of next places during long history